Monitoring International Students

The government has pulled the requirement that international students be subject to stricter registration rules than their UK or EU counterparts.


Goldsmiths UCU, alongside Goldsmiths SU, applauds the recent changes to the UK Points Based System of Immigration (PBSI) – but suggests the rest of the policy should be removed also.

The government is now shocked by the all too predictable loss of billions of pounds by the fall off of numbers of international students.  This loss is caused by the treatment of students as criminals.

The UCU nationally has a policy of non-compliance with the PBIS. This is because:

  • requiring lecturers and administrators to inform on students breaks the necessary pastoral duty of trust
  • requiring students register with the police subjects students to treatment as criminals
  • requiring ridiculous amounts of documentation from students is prurient and humiliating

All students benefit from the international exchange that global students bring. Universities are places of teaching, learning and research; university staff are not border agents.

Solidarity with the Students Demonstrating Today #demo2012

Today thousands of students will demonstrate in London, protesting against not only the trebling of tuition fees but also the unemployment crisis and lack of opportunities for young people. They will demand investment in and commitment to education, employment and opportunities. This demonstration has been called by NUS and is entitled ‘Demo2012’, with the slogan ‘Educate, Employ, Empower.’

We would like to express our solidarity with this demonstration and its aims. We stand with students in criticising the government’s trebling of tuition fees, their attempt to create a marketised Higher Education which does not nurture the minds of students, their cuts to essential funds such as EMA and their lack of investment in jobs and opportunities.

Defending the Right to Education: Where Next for Goldsmiths?


Tuesday 6th Mar., 5:30pm, Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre

An open discussion about the future of Goldsmiths in light of the changes to higher education, how we can organize resistance to cuts and closures on campus, and how to build for the NUS walkout on the 14th March. This meeting has been called jointly by the Students Union, UCU lecturers union and Goldsmiths Education Activist Network.

Des Freedman – Goldsmiths UCU secretary
Samson Oson – Goldsmiths SU Campaigns officer (& President elect)
Jaz Blackwell-Pal – Goldsmiths education activist

With the warnings we’ve had from London Met., t’s more important than ever that Goldsmiths staff and students come together to discuss how to go forward.

NUS president Liam Burns has also called a national week of action starting on the 12th March. This will include a walkout on Wednesday 14th but also events through the week. The aim is to build understanding of and resistance to the government’s plans for higher education.

After the discussion we will break off into departmental working groups to co-ordinate with others in our department, both to build for the week and to address issues facing each part of Goldsmiths.

All welcome.

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