GAUT Executive Meeting Report, 31.08.05, 12:30 pm, AUT Office


  • Pay Forum
  • AGM – Agenda + Election procedure
  • Health & Safety

1.  Pay Forum

  • August meeting was cancelled by GC management. Natalie Fenton (alt rep) went to the July meeting.
  • Memorandum of Understanding between GAUT and GC management is nonexistent. GC management is unhappy about 4 GAUT reps designated to negotiate as well as meeting on the MoU without Unison – claim that it’s designed to be divisive.
  • Process of pay review is clearly derailed, due to none-adherence of the timetable since early 2005, lack of clear management and understanding of the structural process.  HERA has only now begun.
  • The use of model-impact-software to influence pay discussion or to construct the GC grading structure is not acceptable.
  • Discussion at the next Pay Forum meeting (13.9.) will be tense and difficult. AUT decision to name and shame institutions with bad track records stands in GAUT favour. GC senior management is not keen to join this list.
  • GAUT and GC management are currently no true partners in pay negotiations. There is no grading structure in place, due to a misguided fear that GC may end up paying more. Add to that the immense delay in the HERA process and this current situation inspires no confidence.
  • HERA now looks set to be rushed through. Hefty fines may be used to enforce the set deadline of August 2005. If no genuine progress is made in negotiations, possible boycott/strike actions are considered to force compliance from GC management on grading and structure questions.

2. AGM Agenda

  1. Election
  2. Pay Forum
  3. HERA
  4. Address by new AUT President Stephen Warton on national pay and AUT/NATFHE merger

3.Health and Safety

  • Evacuation of the disabled: Lewisham Fire department has been requested to visit to the Library and perform drill. However, they have expressed reluctance…
  • Refurbishment of Main Building raises concerns vis-à-vis evacuation problems that may be neglected to be considered -> check with Estates office
  • Estates Review is coming up. Possibility of outsourcing the Repro Department is being discussed – Repro Dept. is being made scapegoat.
  • New chair of Health and Safety is Richard Kimble – Design.

Next meeting 22.9.05, 12:00, AUT office.