This branch notes the following:

1). On May 3rd 2013 the University of London’s collegiate council decided that ULU – Europe’s largest student union, representing over 120,000 members from UCL, King’s, LSE, SOAS, Queen Mary, Goldsmiths and a number of other colleges  – should be closed and its Bloomsbury headquarters placed in the university’s hands;

2). This decision was taken without any consultation with ULU or any other student bodies;

3). In July 2013 the University of London enacted a policy that bans student protest from Senate House, the cloister entrance and the East and West car-parks. In a letter to ULU, the University of London threatened to prosecute students for trespass if they were found to be in violation of this policy;

4). In July 2013, a student was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage for writing a slogan in chalk on the pavement in front of the ULU building;

5). On November 14th, 2013, ULU President Michael Chessum was arrested under section 11 of the Public Order Act. His bail conditions stipulate that he is prohibited from attending any demonstrations at the University of London.

This branch unreservedly condemns the decision by the University of London to cut funding to ULU, and urges the University of London Collegiate Council to rescind their decision.

This branch further queries the legal and moral basis for the ban on protest in Senate House, and notes its concern for the violation of the rights to freedom of assembly and association this ban presents.

This branch condemns the use of heavy-handed policing and the legal prosecution of members of ULU who are exercising their democratic rights in protest of a University decision that imperils their ability to effectively represent and protect student interests.

This branch urges Warden Pat Loughrey to condemn the legal prosecution and use of force against students, and further, in his capacity as a member of the Collegiate Council to work to revoke the decision to close ULU.

Motion passed.