MOTION re: campaign for outsourced UoL workers


1. The University of London (Central Administration in Senate House/Stewart House/Intercollegiate Halls of Residence) outsources its cleaning, catering, security, postroom, and maintenance services to Balfour Beatty Workplace and Aramark.

2. Most of the outsourced workers do not have sick pay, do not have a pension, and have fewer holidays than people who work directly for the University of London. These are the 3 areas (or 3 cosas) of the campaign.

3. The University of London’s outsourced workers, members of the IWGB union, have balloted for industrial action and are considering strike action this term.


1. That outsourcing is designed to cut labour costs by creating a two-tier workforce, and should be resisted by the trade union movement.

2. That all workers at the University of London should be entitled to the same sick pay, holidays, and pensions policies.

3. That the University of London is responsible for the ethical practices affecting all workers at the University of London.


1. To publicly support the 3Cosas Campaign, whose goal is to achieve the same sick pay, holidays, and pensions policies for all workers at the University of London.

2. To contribute support to the 3Cosas Campaign through publicity – including on the branch website and email list – and mobilising members to support the campaign.

3. To contribute £200 to the strike fund of the IWGB University of London branch.

4. To mandate the branch to write a letter of solidarity with the 3 Cosas Campaign to University of London management.

Motion passed.