The following motion has been proposed by the branch Executive for the special HE sector conference at the end of the month.

Sector conference notes:

*       The huge success and popularity of the 30 November strike in mobilising opposition to attacks on public sector pensions
*        The importance of linking, but not subordinating, our USS dispute to the broader public sector pension dispute
*        The continuing resistance to the attacks on public sector pensions by several unions including PCS, Unite and the NUT

Sector conference agrees:

*        To oppose the suspension of action as proposed in UCU HE129
*        Immediately to draw up a timetable to escalate our industrial action and to plan for rolling regional, national, and UK-wide strikes as well as effective forms of action short of a strike
*        To coordinate our action, wherever possible, with action taken by other UCU members over TPS as well as action taken by other unions in defence of their pensions

Motion passed: 25th January 2012