Congress expresses its profound appreciation for the student movement’s role in the campaign against the government’s destructive plans for FE and HE.

Congress notes that:

  • Hugh Orde, ACPO President, has threatened to inflict “extreme tactics” upon those protesting against cuts and tuition fees rises;
  • Extreme tactics are already widely in use.

Congress opposes actions by the government to criminalise protest including:

  • Kettling tactics which violate the right to freedom of assembly and movement and contribute to inciting violence;
  • State surveillance of HE/FE institutions for eliciting intelligence regarding protest activities, or promoting the stigmatisation and criminalisation of immigrants;
  • Conflating protest with terrorism;
  • Incommensurate prison sentences for protesters convicted of crimes committed during demonstrations.

Congress urges all branches to work closely with local student bodies and to organise joint initiatives such as rallies, teach-ins and lobbies to oppose the education cuts and their implementation locally.

Proposed: Eliza Darling
Seconded: Des Freedman

Motion passed 10 February 2011