This branch notes:

The Coalition government is planning savage cuts to Higher Education and the welfare state more broadly that will greatly exacerbate social inequality. Also predicted is the dismantling of university-based initial teacher education against overwhelming evidence of its effectiveness.

This branch believes:

That broad-based resistance is necessary to successfully oppose these cuts. This includes co-ordination with other trade unions, anti-cuts groups and other grass-roots organisations, as well as communication with activists opposing austerity regimes in other countries.

This branch resolves:

To co-ordinate, with the Coalition of Resistance, a large public meeting with Tony Benn later this term to oppose the cuts;

To endorse Tony Benn’s Coalition of Resistance Statement (see

To send delegates to the 27 November anti-cuts conference, and to Right to Work conference, National Shop Stewards conference and other anti-cuts campaigns

To affiliate to the Lewisham Anti Cuts Alliance and Lewisham Right to Work.

Motion passed 3 November 2010