Notes from Goldsmiths UCU exec meeting, 20th October 2010


Next meeting: 12 PM on the 17th, provisionally in 310, Education Building.

1) Fund Our Future demonstration

Assembly point: 11:30 outside front door building. KF and a couple of others to give out mobile numbers so latecomers can find us.

CP has sent an email to Heads of Department to allow people to go to the 10 Nov. demo, but there wasn’t a formal response to JW and DF. JW and DF to take this up with management.

KF to email every rep with email from CP, to circulate to HoDs and entire departmental lists. We need to mention that Ed Studies and Media has already given the green light, and to use all electronic communications, including the VLE to talk to students and staff about this (DONE).

NF to send campaign pack to KF, ask them to adapt for departments.

KF to email members in other departments where there is currently no rep. Anthropology: David Graeber and Eliza Darling Psychology: Karina Linnell Music: Keith Potter Design: Mike Waller (PB also to contact Terry Rosenberg)

2) Emergency General Meeting: 3 Nov 1PM

KF to book a room. JW to contact Richard Grayson to advise on lobbying Lib Dems. KF to circulate model motion for HESC on exec list (DONE)

JW to register for consultation briefing on Friday and attend along with DF.

3) Pensions Plus: DB and ER to draft guidance to send to members.

USS Pensions conultation: JW and DF to raise the issue of a local ballot on changes to USS at JNCC.

4) Casework: PB has contact info of of people who have participated in the course, and will contact them to shadow her if more casework comes up.

Other training: KF send email out reminding people of upcoming training dates.

5) PACE: DF to attend meeting on the 3rd. We should hold an upcoming meeting about ‘The Future of PACE’ (no date set).

6) Organising and recruiting: We need Dept Reps in Design, Psychology, Music, Student Services and MRC: BGJ to get names from KF and email about reps duties ; if one person can’t do it, then it can be a shared job.

DB to contact Richard Welch or Steve Edwards about being Treasurer. H&S – Anna Furse? ‘Looking for volunteers’ as agenda item for next EGM.

7) IT Services: VSS implemented without consultation, impact with other staff to be discussed with other staff. This will be taken up at JNCC; RB to write something down for DF and JW to bring up at JNCC.

8) Porters: People need to let SMT know what their needs are re the porters (as it’s crucial that a proper consultation is done).

Next meeting: 12 PM on the 17th, provisionally in 310, Education Building.