Notes from Goldsmiths UCU exec meeting, 20th January 2011

Apologies: BGJ, NF, BL, DO

1) Redundancy Policies: 1984 Senate House redundancy policy has been emailed to Greg Barnett. DF to follow up.

2) National ballot General meeting on either 2 Feb or 10 Feb. *can we have a decision on this? If it’s 2 Feb, it will an EGM.

KF to book a room.

JW to contact James Haywood about setting a date and time for a meeting with students to explain the ballot.

KF to design a poster.

KF to send an email to departmental reps asking to organise departmental meetings between the 7th and the 18th , mentioning that we can book a room and speakers from the exec if necessary.

3) 29 Jan demo The SU are doing posters and flyers. There are leafleting sessions planned outside Loafers Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. *Demo to start at ULU Malet Street at 12.

4) ‘Radical Goldsmiths’ Teach-in <dates> 9 sessions planned. 5 departments are officially backing it. KF has contacted the SU about a poster and a logo/profile pic icon.

5) 19 Feb Lewisham Carnival against Cuts. Agreed to put logo on the poster and donate £30. ED’s text to be circulated on email and amended.

6) Lewisham TUC Agreed to re-affiliate. KF has given the forms to DB. DB to write a cheque for £60 and send to LTUC. 3 Delegates to be elected at the next general meeting.

22 Feb LTUC public rally – Richard Von Abendorff (UNISON) has booked the IGLT.

Next exec meeting – 15 Feb 12PM E310