Goldsmiths UCU Emergency General Meeting 15th March 2011


We have publicity that we can hand out to students and non-members; you can download it here.
Please do not use your departmental photocopier to photocopy this material, due to the conditions of our Recognition Agreement.

2. Q+A
Q: How to deal with non-members?
A: We should encourage them to join as they can participate in strike action provided they join the day before; it’s quickest if they join online at:
We cannot stop them from going in but we can argue with them.

Q: What is UNISON’s position?
A: UNISON has guidance for their members on their website, which you can download at:
UNISON members are not in dispute, so are not allowed to join us on the picket line. However, they are encouraged to attend rallies we organise on the strike days. They are discouraged from taking on any extra work as a result of the strike. UNISON has made it clear that there is no loss of pay to members if they can’t go in if buildings are shut or classes are cancelled.
DF and JW to speak to UNISON about an agreement to not report people.

Q: Should classes be rescheduled?
A: There are no hard and fast rules but the most important thing is to get as much support from students and other members of staff as possible, and to make sure as many people as possible join us on picket duty.

A) Communication with members: KF to put a short list of bullet points about the dispute on the website and UCU noticeboard. Reps also to circulate.
B) Communication with students:
Circulate the leaflet; the SU to also put out communications.

TALK TO PEOPLE and explain the issues to them!

C) Other unions:
KF to attend LTUC meeting and tell them about the strike days and public
rallies, invite to send support letters and visit the picket line. AT to attend London Region Meeting tonight to ask about regional co-ordination.

Nobody available for the PCS meeting.

Pickets to take place 8AM-12PM
Picket locations: RHB,  St James near old Laban entrance,  DTHB
Front of RHB to be the picket organising centre.
Students to hold a rally in front of the library at 12PM. This will also involve a soapbox/open mic; the rallies will be filmed and posted online.

Picket Duties:
Everyone at the meeting signed up for picket duties. You can also sign up via Doodle at
Reps to co-ordinate this in their departments.

We need music! DF to ask students for a sound system.
TH to contact the University of Strategic Optimism
BL to speak to the Music Department
KF to contact Sly and Reggie and Ta Na Deptford (samba band)
Banner + Official UCU picket material will be arriving later this week but EVERYONE should make DIY banners + placards.

DF and JW to write a press release, to send to ELL etc.
SLP will be covering the public rallies.
Social media: use #goldsmithsucustrike
DB to make a poster with the Martin Niemoller quote

6. 26 March TUC demo
We are going to meet outside the National Theatre at 11AM
If you can’t find us ring Alison Jones 07947585560
KF to put updates on Twitter.