Motion in support of escalation of industrial action in term 2

Passed 82% in favour 10% against, 8% abstentions at branch meeting 06.12.2021

This branch notes:

–       An unprecedented turn out of 70.2% in the postal ballot, with an overwhelming mandate for action consisting of a 93.3% vote for action short of strike and 85.8% for strike.

–    The mandate indicates strong opposition to management’s threat to make 52 members of staff across the university redundant over the course of the 2021/22 academic year, and willingness to take action. 

–    GUCU is committed to resolving the dispute through negotiation but, due to management’s intransigence, is moving towards escalation of industrial action as a last resort.

– Management is currently refusing to attend dispute resolution meetings.

This branch believes:

–          There are no genuine grounds for compulsory redundancies. The only acceptable number is zero. 

–          Throughout the process, the Senior Management Team has failed to consult in good faith with the campus unions. 

This branch resolves:

  • To continue to attempt to meet with management to negotiate a resolution to the dispute ensuring no compulsory redundancies and a halt to the restructure.  

–       If a resolution can not be reached through negotiation, to be prepared to take the following measures as a form of escalation: 

–  strike action consisting of 21 consecutive days of strike action starting from a date to be decided by members at a branch meeting early in January 2022.

– to prepare to extend our mandate for a summer marking and assessment boycott by means of a strategically timed reballot if necessary

–      To continue to take action short of strike for the length of the dispute including:

       ·        refusal of goodwill;

·        working to contract;

·        working within contractual hours;

·        refusing to cover for absent colleagues;

·        refusing to undertake voluntary activities or to attend non-contractual meetings;

·        refusing to share course materials;

·       removing uploaded materials related to, and/or not sharing materials related to,   lectures or classes that will be or have been cancelled as a result of strike action;

·        not rescheduling lectures or classes cancelled due to strike action;

·        refusing to record teaching sessions

·        resignation from all voluntary committees;

·        refusal to participate in redundancy-related managerial processes.