Psychology response to the Professional Services Blueprint 

10 November 2021

Dear Frances Corner, Dinah Caine, members of Council and of the Change management team. 

We are writing as members of the Department of Psychology to express our strong opposition to the new plans for delivering Student Facing Services presented in Tranche 1 of the recovery program. We believe the proposals would be detrimental to the functioning of our department and will have a highly negative effect on our students’ experience. 

Attached to this letter you will find a set of testimonies from many members of the department representing a wide range of roles and levels of seniority, from PhD students to former heads of department. We are united in our appreciation and support for the colleagues whose roles are being removed from our department. We also believe that reassigning their amazing work to a centralised administrative team will lose huge amounts of knowledge, efficiency and cohesiveness. As a result, staff workloads will go up both within the department and outside. Response times will be slower. Research will be harder. Students will suffer. 

We ask that you take strong account of these substantial and heartfelt objections to your plans from colleagues who care deeply about our department, our students and our institution. The college may need reforms but these changes and the way they are being imposed do not, in our view, solve any of the problems. 

Testimonial document from the psychology department (viewable by Goldsmiths’ staff and students only)


Caspar Addyman

Rebecca Chamberlain

Maria Herrojo Ruiz

Peter Holland

Stacey Humphries

Adrian Scott

Emma Davies

Elaine Beattie

Lauren Stewart

Merritt Millman

Ondine Aurelle Delaye

Daniel Müllensiefen

Caroline Rix

Alan Pickering

Aleksandra Igdalova

Alexandra Gabriela Georgescu

Chloe Stacey MacGregor

Joydeep Bhattacharya

Evelyne Mercure

Christopher French

Gianna Cocchini

Jo Kenrick

Alice Gregory

Madoka Kumashiro

Fiona Gabbert

Andy Cooper

Heijo van de Werf

Lorna Goddard

Yulia Kovas

Diana Omigie

Herb Blumberg

Ramisa Ahmed

Titash Mehr Reza

Charlotte Hooley

Martin Kozon

Matthew Devine

Dominik Sala

Eduardo Fiorin e Silva

James Hunt

Vasco Diniz

Blue Koppi

Patrick Reed

Helen Olawole-Scott

Daniel Corsini

Ian Hannent

Kira Taiwo

Gabriel Jones Lafuente 

Letisya Sayek

Oluwaremilekun Ajuwon 

Safia Oakley-Green

Priyanka Jain

Jacob King

Gemma Armstrong