Goldsmiths Social Work Students Express Solidarity with Strike Action

Hi all,

Hope that this email finds you well.

Please forward to any other relevant staff members who might like to read this. 

As MA1 social work students we have had discussions and feel it is important at this time to  express our solidarity with you all and any strike action you may be undertaking in the coming weeks.

We recognize that this action is not taken lightly, we support demands GUCU members make of this university, as well as those made by members at universities across the country. We do respect and here acknowledge those not striking. However due to 86% members of GUCU voting for strike action we assume that this will impact some of you.

We are concerned by the senior management teams approach. We believe that it is important, as social work students especially, to stand up for fairness and social justice. As such in line with PCFs and the social work code of ethics we are supporting strike action.

Most of us are new to the uni and not experts on what is going on. We would welcome the opportunity to open a dialogue on these issues, hearing more from, your insights, thoughts and feelings, as well has how we can offer you support beyond this email 😊

Power to the people.

Warmest Regards,

MA1 Social Work Students