Motion to call on external examiners at Goldsmiths to resign (3-11-21)

The motion was passed unanimously at the GUCU branch meeting on Wednesday 3rd November 2021 at 12.30pm.

This branch notes:

  • The widespread support from other UCU branches, alumni and academics for GUCU’s campaign against redundancies in professional services, English & Creative Writing, and History
  • The open letter to Frances Corner, published by Collective Change / We Are Goldsmiths and signed by over 3500 people
  • That senior management has made little movement towards GUCU’s demands for no compulsory redundancies, transparency over all aspects of the College’s finances and the development of an alternative plan to reduce the deficit

The branch believes:

  • That we will require solidarity from across academia, the trade union movement and beyond in order to defeat SMT’s plan for redundancies
  • That external examiners play a vital role in validating academic programmes, and work closely with Goldsmiths staff placed at risk of redundancy, including departmental administrators and academics 

This branch resolves:

  • To call upon external examiners for all programmes at Goldsmiths to resign their positions, write to the University to explain the reasons for their resignation, and (if possible) publicise their resignation via social media
  • To supply guidance to external examiners on how to carry out the above steps