Motion to move to formal ballot and greylisting

Passed 98 in favour, 1 abstention (99%-1%) at our GUCU branch meeting, Weds 6 Oct 2021

This branch notes:

  • The announcement on September 28th of 20 FTE redundancies of academics in English & Creative Writing and History, following the notice on September 13th of 32 redundancies in professional services
  • The resounding result of the indicative e-ballot of GUCU members involving 503 votes, showing 87-95% support for all forms of industrial action (including ASOS, assessment boycott and full strike) in the event SMT sticks to its plans
  • That, in the middle of the legally required collective consultation process over proposed redundancies, SMT has denied the GUCU president payment for union facilities time, and having unilaterally changed the mechanism for paying some officers, have left GUCU’s co-president, equalities officer & branch secretary without facilities for their duties.
  • Management’s failure to move towards GUCU’s demands for a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies, and for transparency over the College’s finances (including the terms of SMT’s deal with the banks) 

This branch believes:

  • That GUCU negotiators need the prospect of industrial action in order to exert leverage over SMT 

This branch resolves:

  • To request from UCU authorisation to move to a formal, postal ballot for industrial action, to commence on October 18th 2021
  • To include on the official ballot options for ASOS, assessment boycott and full strike
  • To begin to prepare, publicise and raise funds for a strike fund to allow members to participate in industrial action in the event it is required
  • To take steps towards preparing a campaign of greylisting Goldsmiths over SMT’s plans for job cuts and anti-union activities