GUCU in full solidarity with fee striking students

Students at Goldsmiths are collectively withholding fees in protest against the College’s treatment of them during the Covid-19 pandemic, citing false promises regarding in-person teaching, the treatment of international students, poor conditions and unfair contractual arrangements of student accommodation, and ongoing failure to address structural inequalities and injustices. 

The fee striking students’ demands include a partial rebate of fees, a 50% rent reduction, the fulfilment of outstanding GARA demands, steps taken to address concerns raised by international students and further action against sexual violence and racism on campus and in halls of residence. They have stated that fees rebates must not come at the expense of staff, and stated their solidarity with GUCU in our recent dispute, including resolution of our concerns among their demands. 

GUCU offer their full solidarity to fee striking students, and urge senior management to meet with them to address concerns, and insist that no student should face negative repercussions from participating in this action.