A solid vote for action- branch meeting to discuss next steps

The results of the GUCU industrial ballot are in. 

GUCU members have delivered a solid mandate to take action: against compulsory redundancies; against ‘staff cost control’ measures that bring more brutal workloads, against more precarity, inequality and diminished support for our students and colleagues; for working together towards a better future for Goldsmiths. With a recorded turn out of 55.8% of members:

  • 90.7% voted for Action Short of a Strike (including assessment boycott)
  • 72.5% voted for strike action.

Come to the GUCU branch meeting to discuss next steps
Wednesday 16 Dec at 1-2.30 pm [Zoom link sent by email]

We will be covering:

  • outcome of negotiations with management
  • the schedule of the action
  • practicalities and goals of ASOS and assessment boycott
  • working with students and professional services colleagues to make the action a success

These exceptional results are an unequivocal rejection of the path the College is taking, as was the recent 87% vote of ‘no confidence’ in the current management. It is only through action that we will win any ground to push back on the these chaotic and damaging restructuring plans.

This is a local action that needs to be shaped democratically every step of the way by our members, and we need your voice there.

Please join us on Weds if you can.