Safety and Job Security – a future to fight for

As we struggle to work and support our students through this extremely challenging term, another very important struggle is taking place over the future of our working lives and this institution. 

DID YOU KNOW that right now, in the middle of a pandemic and without consultation, a restructure is being planned that will lead to redundancies, course & programme closures, extra workloads and pointless capital expenditure that could be spent on retaining jobs, supporting staff, and making workplaces safe?

Together we can shape a very different future – one which prioritises job security and safe working conditions, and in which resources are focused on supporting our teaching, research and support work at this difficult time. 

GUCU officers have seen the KPMG Independent Business Review, and we know that such an alternative is entirely possible. We have also called for this report to be made public so that everyone can make informed judgements, instead of being worn down with continuous news about crisis and staff failings. 

Last week GUCU wrote to Goldsmiths’ Council Chair expressing our grave concerns about the future of Goldsmiths and stating some very simple alternative proposals as a way forward. In a nutshell these were:

  • Follow KPMG’s advice to address any deficit by suspending capital expenditures  and leveraging assets – prioritise protecting jobs. 
  • Reassure staff there will be no redundancies
  • Postpone any restructure and portfolio review, so that senior managers can focus their time and resources on keeping staff students and the community safe.

If you support these proposals – if you want to see these proposals really listened to:

Join Wednesday’s Branch Meeting, 

Weds 21 Oct, 3pm – 4.15pm [online]