GUCU Executive 2020-21 Elected at AGM 1 July 2020 

 GUCU Executive 2020-21 elected at AGM 1 July 2020 

We are still seeking people for joint Membership secretary, Communications Officer, International Officer, Student Liaison Officer and co-opted executive members who contribute in a range of important areas not specified in other officer roles, such as negotiating, policy, community campaigns etc. If you are interested in taking on a role, email GUCU Organiser  *Note some of these are new roles which will also be voted on at the AGM. These are AL, FTC and Short Course officer & Student Liaison Officer.

Position Name Email Department
Co-President Susan Kelly Art
Co-President James Burton MCCS
Co-Branch Secretary Pamela Karantonis TaP
Co-Branch Secretary + Anti-Casualisation Brief Marina Vischmidt MCCS
Vice President Marian Carty Education
Vice President + Equalities Brief Milly Williamson MCCS
Membership  Secretary Chloe Nast  Sociology
Treasurer Tom Henri STACS
Learning Officer Janna Graham Visual Cultures
Communications Officer Sara Cefai   MCCS
Erica Scourti  Art
Anti-Casualisation Officers
AL Officer Tom Greenwood MCCS
AL Officer Sarah Charalambides Visual Cultures
Short Course Officer Neda Genova  MCCS
Short Course Officer Henrike Neuhaus Anthropology
FTC Officer Jacob Mukherjee MCCS
Data & Democracy Officer Dan McQuillan  Computing
Andy Freeman  Computing
Co-Opted Members
Roberto Mozzachiodi MCCS
Yaiza Hernández Velázquez  Visual Cultures
Emmma Jackson Sociology
Gholam Khiabany MCCS
Deirdre Osboure TAP
Roger Green  STACS
Health & Safety Officer Anna Grant Education
Health and Safety Officer Amanda Kipling Education
BAME Officer Akanksha Mehta MCCS
BAME Officer Veronica Poku Education
Environmental Officer Ros Gray Art
Environmental Officer Shela Sheikh MCCS
International Officer Vacancy
Student Liaison Officer Amy Tapsfield  Anthropology
Sue Westman STACS