An Alternative Approach to “Evolving Goldsmiths”: Doing Higher Education Our Way

A new vision of how Goldsmiths could be organised both to realise its commitment to social justice and to address pressing challenges has been put together by a broad range of staff and students. An Alternative Approach to “Evolving Goldsmiths” is a radical departures from management’s plan and attempts to constructively engage in the difficulties Goldsmiths faces in a manner that is pragmatic, inclusive, democratic, and positive.

“This alternative approach has been drafted in full recognition that any change that is viewed as illegitimate by a large part of the Goldsmiths community will be resisted, leading to a prolonged dispute with potentially serious consequences for the College. At a time when we are facing the combined problems of a financial deficit, ongoing recruitment concerns, the impact of Covid-19 and a likely global recession, we need an approach developed through genuine and meaningful consultation, not by opacity, top-down directives and fait accompli. Such an approach is bound to fail – we need an alternative.”

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