Motion on USS and Four Fights dispute

Motion for discussion at our next GUCU branch meeting Weds 29.01.2020

Proposed by Marian Carty, GUCU President

  • This branch acknowledges the need to fight back against increasing casualisation, damaging workloads, scandalous gender & race pay gaps and a decade long erosion of our pay

  • This branch notes the decision of HEC to coordinate ballot distribution and strike days for the Four Fights USS disputes. This strategy allowed for UCU’s most successful ballot turnout results on pay ever and led to 8 days impactful strike action, which is empowering our national negotiators.
  • This branch recognises the need to increase pressure at this point and that in order to win we have to move towards escalating our industrial action.

  •  This branch supports this existing strategy towards our ongoing disputes in HE, an believes that strike action in pursuit of the Four Fights should continue to escalate with action over USS and support the escalation of strike action over February and March.

  • We note that the proposed start dates (20 & 21 February) for next round of  strike action are within Goldsmiths Reading Week, we therefore propose that the start date for Goldsmiths be delayed to 24 February.