Strike update 28 November

Dear Members,

Yesterday was another amazing day on the picket line, with placard making workshops,  speeches by UCU general secretary Jo Grady, Vicky Foxcroft (local parliamentary candidate and former MP), Prof Jeremy Gilbert and others.

A few updates:


Thanks to everyone for coming out to the picket lines this week. It has been great to see so many people from across departments and roles together.

If you have not been yet, please join us in the coming five days. The lines are sparsely populated on the 8-9 a.m. shift so we ask members, where possible, to come out to the pickets during those hours. You can sign up here.

We are receiving fantastic offers of solidarity from other trade unionists and campaigners who want to come and speak directly on the picket lines. If you have been contacted by someone or would like to suggest people, please contact so we can coordinate effectively.

We would also like to remind everyone that students must be able to enter campus to use the Wellbeing service, prayer room and other library so, while it is excellent to share information about the strike with them, it is important to allow them to enter to use these services.


There has been little movement with our employers, with a statement from the UCEA yesterday revealing no change in their position.

On a local level, Goldsmiths Warden Frances Corner has agreed to meet UCU officers at 4pm on Monday 2 December.


Two staff/student assemblies have taken place, one on the topic of housing, the other led yesterday by Goldsmiths Anti Racism Action. These have been very generative spaces.

This Friday’s scheduled assembly on Casualisation has been postponed to TUESDAY DECEMBER 3, 1.30-3:30 to avoid conflict with the delegation leaving Goldsmiths at 10am to attend the London Climate Strike march. This assembles at Malet Street and marches to Parliament at 12 noon with a rally in Westminster Central Hall at 2pm.

Friday Teach Outs will continue as advertised.


A very big thank you to the staff and students working on the teach out schedule. There have been some fabulous sessions this week!

SU spaces for teach outs are now full. If you have a teach out planned, please add it to the google doc for it to be publicised, but you will need to find a space that’s either on the picket line or in a space that’s not being picketed.

The deadline for updating the shared document is 4pm today (Thursday).

There has been a request by neurodiverse students to make this material available. If you are hosting one and are able to document the session for those who cannot attend, that would be excellent.


Find out about our hardship fund, what is on offer, and how to apply here.



Some of you have been asking when and how to declare your strike days. See GUCU advice here.


You can join the strike information WhatsApp here.

Also check out our facebook page, twitter @goldsmithsucu and our website.

If you have any questions or concerns you can send an email to

We look forward to seeing you on the picket line!

GUCU executive