Picket Line Briefing Summary

Goldsmiths UCU, alongside 60 other Higher Education institutions, will being an 8 day strike on Monday 25 November through to Wednesday 4 December.During the strike we are calling on all members, colleagues, students and those in the local community to join us and show support.

Each day we will gathering on picket lines from am-1pm.  A picket line is a boundary established by workers on strike – it is a peaceful activity and place to communicate with others about the facts of our dispute. It will be an opportunity to chat to and discuss with staff and students you already know, as well as a chance get to know people from different departments within Goldsmiths and make new friends. Students will be setting up a Solidari-Tea Stall every morning to provide us with refreshments; please bring your eco friendly cups/mugs…

We will be forming together around a number of locations between 8am – 1pm  Check out the campus map and guidance here.

We ask that everyone joining us on the picket line, takes time to read the guidance in the flyer or below. Flyers with his information will also be available on the days we are there. If you are able to join us on a particular shift – half an hour, an hour or the whole day! Please fill in our doodle poll here: https://doodle.com/poll/sccqvbzpr3kqin7t 

Picket Line guidance: 

The picket has several ‘gates’ or entrance points:

Gate 1 RHB Front Entrance
Gate 2 RHB Café 35
Gate 3 RHB Back Gate, Laurie Grove
Gate 4 DTH (Deptford Town Hall)
Gate 5 CGB (Caroline Graveson Building – behind Iceland)

Please check with Picket Line Supervisors about where people are needed and be prepared to move around during your ‘shift’ if need be.

GUCU members are designated ‘pickets’ and should wear armbands. Everyone else at the picket is a ‘supporter’.

Students: Be aware that some students will need to access to wellbeing, student services and the prayer room in the RHB. Please also note that spaces for student self-directed study: library, art, music, drama, dance, design, media studios and practice areas are not being picketed. If students do not want to cross the picket line, they can be directed to other entrances and/ or informed that pickets end at 1pm.

On the Picket: Please do feel free to engage those crossing the picket line in discussion about the reasons we are striking and refer them to GUCU and SU briefing leaflets. Anyone who decides to cross a picket line must be allowed to do so. It is important not to allow GUCU members and pickets to be accused of being aggressive or verbally abusing those crossing picket lines.

You can seek to persuade other workers, not employed at the university, not to deliver goods or to enter the work premises (this is the only form of permitted ‘secondary’ action).

Take care: If you feel threatened or unsafe, or experience any form of verbal or physical abuse, speak to a Picket Line Supervisor (wearing a UCU hi-vis vest) who will provide assistance, and if needed, take a statement. College security have been very helpful in the past, and it is important to remember that many are on precarious contracts. Stay warm, stay hydrated!