FIGHT ELITISM – Statement on STACS to be discussed by GUCU

The following statement on STACS (Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies) will be discussed and voted on by GUCU members at our branch meeting on Weds 18 Sept, 1pm, RHB 256.

Following the completion of the ACAS process (Oct 2018-July 2019) between STACS DMT and its academic staff; substantive issues remain unresolved. These include serious concerns about the urgent resourcing needs to deliver programmes and the working conditions of staff.

Issues which remain to be addressed include:

  1. Non-compliance with Goldsmiths framework agreement, including in relation to multipliers, contracts and progression.
  2. Intensification of workloads and cuts to hours allocated to essential tasks made without consultation or negotiation.
  3. Recruitment issues of staff to programmes – either neglected, stalled or without discussion with programme convenors and other colleagues with the appropriate expertise.
  4. A need for support and acknowledgement for practice-based research and scholarship.

Therefore we insist on an urgent response to recruitment of staff, an inquiry into the management of the department and we support a resumption of the ‘Fight Elitism’ campaign.