First meeting of the Associate Lecturer Review

The first meeting of the team reviewing the Associate Lecturer Assimilation Agreement took place on Thursday 13 December. This is a formal group including representatives from HR and UCU together with Pearl Okopu from Finance and David Badger, the business manager for the Music Department.

The AL assimilation agreement was signed off in 2014 and UCU has long had concerns that it was not being implemented fairly and equally across the College. This review will allow us to raise concerns around a number of issues in relation to, for example, the allocation of hours, promotion, recruitment and training affecting both Associate Lecturers and fractional staff.

If the review is to be effective, your reps need as much detail as possible about experiences of ALs and fractionals working at Goldsmiths. We will be gathering data on how individual Departments “operationalise” the Agreement and would welcome your input on whether, for example:

·     You are paid for attending lectures

·     You were automatically promoted from Grade 6 to Grade 7 after your first year of teaching

·     You are paid using the correct multiplier for specific roles

·     Your pay has risen in line with annual increments

.     Your fraction has been regularly reviewed

Please send any information to

Terms of reference of the review are here