The Gold Paper – Second Edition Now Out!

The Gold Paper has been produced collectively by a group of staff and students at Goldsmiths in response to the privatisation and commodification of higher education in the UK. It seeks to articulate an alternative vision of what our university could and should be. It is a statement of values, principles and proposals, starting with the premise that higher education is a public good and that Goldsmiths’ first priority should be a commitment to the extension of knowledge, understanding, creativity and social responsibility.

The Gold Paper is a grass-roots endeavour and campaigning document that reflects and informs on-going efforts to effect change. It is an open invitation to every reader to participate in the process of imagining, debating, and building a university in which we would be proud to work and study.

Collect your copy at the staff-student assembly “Goldsmiths is Ours” Thurs, 4 Oct 

Copies of the newly printed Gold Paper will be available at the all staff-student assembly ‘Goldsmiths is Ours’ taking place on Thurs 4 Oct, 12noon, SU Bar and Venue

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Download a copy of The Gold Paper here.