In Solidarity with Palestine

The following motion was passed at GUCU’s EGM on June 12 2018

In Solidarity with Palestine (161 words) Passed unanimously 

The branch registers

  1. The intensified slaughter of Palestinian civilians since 30 March (over 120 death and 13000 injured)
  2. The absurdity of claims of the ‘only democracy’ in the region which denies the right to protest and has turned Gaza into the biggest open prison
  3. The spirit of Palestinian resistance demonstrated in the Great March of Return

The Branch

  1. Condemn Israel’s inhumane and unacceptable response to protestors, continuation of colonisation of Palestinian lands and expulsion of and systematic discrimination against Palestinians
  2. Urges UCU members and students to boycott companies and corporations complicit in financing and aiding Israel’s military
  3. Seeks assurance from college that we do not employ, work or collaborate with companies that facilitate Israel’s military capacity
  4. Mandates the GUCU executives to collaborate with other recognised unions at Goldsmiths and coordinate a day of action to commemorate UN Palestine solidarity Day on 29 November and to affiliate to Lewisham PSC.

Proposed: Gholam K. Seconded Dan McQ

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