GUCU EGM MOTIONS: Pensions, Palestine, Dispute Committee

We Are the University GUCU EGM. Tues 12 June, 1pm, RHB 144. The following motions will be discussed:


Casualised Staff pensions (73 words)

Conference notes casualised staff:

  1.   are often barred from the right to join USS by their employer.
  2. Have poor pension prospects

Conference resolves:

  1. To ensure all grades of academic related, teaching and research staff have access to the USS pension scheme.
  2. To put a rule change through the JNC to ensure that casualised staff retain existing pension rights during periods of a break in service without needing to make contributions.

Proposed: Mijke v d D. Seconded: Nicole S


Dispute Committee terms of reference (150 words)

This Special HESC notes the passing of HE13 on 31 May 2018 that resolved to establish a national USS dispute committee (USSDC) composed of HESC delegates from USS branches in order to empower members in strategic discussions.

HESC believes that membership of the USS dispute committee should be based upon the membership criteria used for the recent Industrial Action Commission (but for USS institutions) and reflect the diversity of perspectives taken by branches in relation to employer offers in the dispute thus far.

HESC further believes that any proposed ballot text on a future employer offer concerning USS has to be approved by the dispute committee before it is put to members.

HESC mandates the HEC when it meets on 29 June 2018 to agree a provisional timetable of meetings commensurate with the meetings of the JEP and communicate this, and the election procedure, to USSDC branches within 14 days.

Proposed: Des F. Seconded: Marian C


In Defence of Palestine (155 words)

The branch registers

  1. The intensified slaughter of Palestinian civilians since 30 March (over 120 death and 13000 injured)
  2. The absurdity of claims of the ‘only democracy’ in the region which denies the right to protest and has turned Gaza into the biggest open prison
  3. The spirit of Palestinian resistance demonstrated in the Great March of Return

The Branch

  1. Condemn Israel’s inhumane and unacceptable response to protestors, continuation of colonisation of Palestinian lands and expulsion of and systematic discrimination against Palestinians
  2. Urges UCU members and students to boycott companies and corporations complicit in financing and aiding Israel’s military
  3. Seeks assurance from college that we do not employ, work or collaborate with companies that facilitate Israel’s military capacity
  4. Mandates the GUCU executives to collaborate with other recognised unions at Goldsmiths and coordinate a day of action to commemorate UN Palestine solidarity Day on 29 November

Proposed: Gholam K. Seconded Dan McQ

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