Tackling Sexual Harassment, Violence and Misconduct Workshop Day 12th June

GUCU is postponing the General Meeting on the 12th June because of the staff training that Goldsmiths has organised (please see below).

We will keep you up to date with any rescheduled dates.

An important workshop on Tackling Sexual Harassment, Violence and Misconduct will take place on 12th June in the Great Hall at Goldsmiths.

You can sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tackling-sexual-harassment-vā€¦
Tackling Sexual Harassment, Violence and Misconduct Workshop Day
OPEN TO ALL STAFF & STUDENTS AT GOLDSMITHS ā€“ Attendees should be aware that difficult topics will be discussed throughout the day including rape and sexual assault. The purpose of the day is to provide a space for members of the Goldsmiths community to come together, think collaboratively, debate, discuss and be heard. This project seeks to change policies, processes and cultures which exist at Goldsmiths, by having an open consultation process we hope to involve people throughout the institution in the decision making and idea generation that is needed to make these changes. Attendees are welcome to drop in for all or part of the day. This registration form will ask you which sessions you plan to be present for the purpose of planning the event. Sessions Outline 10:00 ā€“ 10:30: Welcome and Introduction An opportunity to hear from the Deputy Warden, Elisabeth Hill and the newly appointed Strategy and Review Manager – Sexual Harassment, Vicki Baars. They will outline the plan of work for the coming 12 mon
There are two key parts to the day and people are welcome to attend for one part or for the whole workshop. Broadly these are:

1. Training via a workshop on dealing with secondary/vicarious trauma. This will be important for those who are likely to be hearing disclosures, particularly those who would not be expecting to do this e.g. Personal tutors, Senior tutors, Student experience directorate front line staff (eg those working in the library, Student Centre, accommodation team).

2. Facilitated conversations. These will cover (a) policy development, (b) organisational practices, (c) interventions. These conversations will help inform planning and developments moving forwards. It will be important for staff involved in all areas to be represented.

GUCU encourage members to attend to inform work in Goldsmiths in this vitally important area.


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