Tribunal Lobby

Thurs 14 April, 3.45pm, Outside PSH 326

Pre-meet 3pm Rm PSH 305 – all welcome

Cut the Rent

The Cut the Rent campaign started by Goldsmiths students has highlighted the unbearable pressures being placed on students who cannot access affordable and decent accommodation at our institution. Their demands: that rent not be above half the maintenance grant and that halls should be safe, secure and liveable – in a manner recommended by the housing Charity SHELTER – is indicative of the increasing barriers facing students trying to pursue studies in the context of the aggressive marketisation of Higher Education.

Against these conditions, we believe that Goldsmiths should be taking a lead in managing rent at an actually affordable level and refusing to allow the “invisible hand of the market” to strangle students’ life-chances.

We call on college council to agree to student demands for a fair rent and safe, secure, liveable accommodation

The Gold Paper

The current housing issue goes to the heart of a wider set of destructive “reforms” being imposed on the sector which threaten to uproot the notion of the public university: transforming the very ethos of learning, research and academic freedom and generating escalating pressures of debt, increased work load and deteriorating conditions on staff and students.

In the wake of the Green Paper which has signaled more of the same, many staff and students believe now is the time to assert a different vision of education and begin to develop an alternative set of principles and practices that can make our college one we are proud of: one which can also pose a powerful alternative at a national level.

Initiatives such as the People’s Tribunal and now the draft GOLD PAPER seek to engage the widest number of staff and students in developing such an alternative.  A draft of the GOLD PAPER can be read here:

A central issue running through is how we democratise the way decisions are made about the running of our university and the principles that should underpin those decisions.

Our simple demand is that College Council timetable a discussion with staff and students on the GOLD PAPER at the next College Council meeting.

We are appealing to staff and students to join us to lobby college council members on the importance and seriousness of both issues.

There will be a pre-meet 3pm in room PSH 305 

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