GoldPaperMeetingCalling all staff and students at Goldsmiths – join the discussion on a GOLD PAPER for Education 

Weds 23 March 12noon RHB 144

Read a draft of the GOLD PAPER 

“For this to work it must be a grass roots endeavour involving everyone from porters to professors; it must be a collaborative process. It will work through the campus unions and existing governance and organizational structures but not be confined to them. It will acknowledge the current context but refuse to be driven by it. Please join us!”

The 2015 Green Paper on Higher Education left us in no doubt that the government is aggressively pursuing the privatization of higher education. The 2010 Browne Review began the process of turning higher education into a consumer driven activity that students buy in exchange for skills for the job market. The Green Paper finishes this process by effectively removing entirely any reference to higher education in terms of non-economic value.

The Gold Paper seeks to establish that there is an alternative that is both desirable and feasible. It begins with the premise that higher education is a public good that has public benefits and should be supported as a public service; and that Goldsmiths should provide the highest level of education in arts, humanities and social sciences to extend a range of knowledge, understanding and creativity.

In this meeting Natalie Fenton will introduce some of the key ideas contained in the draft paper for discussion.




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