TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference, 21-22 May 2015

TUCDisabledWorkersConfReport from a GUCU delegate to the conference

UCU sent a delegation of 9 representatives to the TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference. The UCU delegation leader was Hilary Kurt. There were three late apologies due to sickness and family emergencies which reduced the delegation to nine.

TUC General Secretary, Frances O’Grady, gave an opening address which identified post-election issues facing the trade union movement, and particularly the growth in socially divisive rhetoric. UCU expressed concern about reduction to funding for trade union education, and Ms O’Grady expressed the opinion that this training was key to mature, stable industrial relations and the trade union movement would fight to preserve it.

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Report from Reclaiming Our University Conference

ThomasDochertyOpeningThanks to the 100 staff and students who came to GUCU’s Reclaiming Our University conference on Monday: the first in a series of events and initiatives to discuss and address the current challenges facing us in the Higher Education sector and Goldsmiths.

The event was opened by Thomas Docherty author of Universities at War who placed the day’s discussion in historical context; examining the rise of managerialism and intense competition that has come to afflict our institutions. You can listen to his analysis and proposals for developing an effective movement for education on SoundCloud.

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