Is Goldsmiths going into deficit ?

Further to GUCU Exec’s note on “Sustaining Goldsmiths” an article in this issue of The Leopard asks Is Goldsmiths Going into deficit?

“Liz Bromley claimed that the college needed to find an extra £2 million this year due to rising national insurance and pension costs” the article notes. “Not only do increased surpluses and increased income suggest that this might not be too much of an issue, but consider this: This year is the first year that all three undergraduate cohorts are paying £9,000 fees and, as we’ve already established, the trend is that fee income tends to outstrip the money lost from teaching grants.” Read the article in full. If you have difficulties accessing it you can read the pdf version: Is-Goldsmiths-going-into-deficit.JamieGreen-1


Sustaining Goldsmiths: A Note from GUCU Executive

You will be aware that in response to the volatility of student numbers and challenging economic conditions – including the reduction of research funding by approximately £2m a year as well as increased payments for USS and LPFA pensions – the College has embarked on a new project. Sustaining Goldsmiths. This is designed to produce efficiency savings and to secure a strategy for growth in order to produce a surplus big enough for the College to survive in what has become a highly competitive educational marketplace.

We too want to sustain Goldsmiths and to protect and develop the institution as a place that delivers innovative and radical teaching, that supports independent and critical research, that treats all its staff and students with respect and that commits itself to social justice in all its operations.

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