Branch meeting votes unanimously to reject offer and for action in defence of pensions

public-sector-pension-hut-006There was a quorate branch meeting at Goldsmiths today.  The meeting voted for the following motion (37 for, 0 against, 0 abstentions):

“Goldsmiths UCU believes that the current offer from the employers is unacceptable. It accepts the parameters of a huge projected deficit and therefore accepts the need for cuts in our pensions to fill this alleged gap. As well as ending the Final Salary element of USS, it concedes the principle of a Defined Contribution element for salaries over £55,000 that allows the employers to cut their contributions to 12%, provides members with no certainty about the value of their pension and paves the way for future concessions.

This UCU branch therefore calls on all members to reject the offer and to demand HEC officers call hard-hitting industrial action in defence of our pensions.

Goldsmiths UCU reaffirms its call for the requisition of a Special HE Sector Conference under rule 16.10 to debate the strategy needed to defend pensions in Higher Education.”

With the ballot due to close on Monday 26 January at 12 noon we urge everyone to vote no and encourage fellow members to do the same.


Best wishes,


Pensions Dispute: EMERGENCY MEETING Wednesday 21 Jan, 1pm, RHB 221

There will be an emergency union meeting to discuss the revised proposals to USS pensions scheme currently being put to members: Wednesday 21 Jan, 1pm, RHB 221

*Make sure to take part in the discussion before you vote
*Use the on-line calculator to find out how much you will lose under current proposals
*Read the UCU Left briefing on why you should vote No

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We write as representatives of the Left on the Higher Education Committee who are utterly opposed to any retreat from defending members’ pensions. We have carried out a careful critical analysis of the different positions and we can only conclude that members must reject the offer.

We believe that UCU is consulting members over accepting a retreat of historic proportions that will mean all our members pay more, those in Final Salary (three quarters of active USS membership) will have their pension cut, and a great number of staff will be placed in the position where they cannot afford to retire.

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