Special Branch Meeting to Discuss Pensions: 12th September, 1pm, Laurie Grove Baths Council Room

UCU sep2014

In response to proposed changes to the USS pension scheme and a possible collective action from UCU, the branch has called a general meeting for Friday, Sept. 12th at 1pm in Laurie Grove Baths Council Room. All members are encouraged to attend.

The USS pension scheme, which staff at Goldsmiths are part of, may be facing changes. The USS Board have proposed a new, hybrid version of the scheme in order to counter a deficit in funds. UCU are committed to investigating all proposed changes to see exactly how they will affect members. More details can be found here:


In the briefing above, the union warns that ‘there is little doubt that both the USS Board and the employers are considering solutions to the funding situation that will reduce the benefits available to members.’ The union will consider taking action in response to such changes.

There will be a special meeting for all affected branches on the 18th of September, to which Goldsmiths will send delegates.

Please join us on Friday 12th Sept 1pm in Laurie Grove Baths Council Room to keep updated about exactly what may happen to your pension scheme, to express your own views, and to elect delegates for this meeting.

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