Anti-Casualisation Day of Action

***7th of May UCU Anti-Casualisation day of action today***

The branch is supporting the day of action today, with a stall outside the library and a campaign meeting from 2pm in the Stretch.

The call from UCU is: 
* to recruit new members who are on casualised/insecure contracts
* to encourage more members to be involved in their union
* to campaign in support of negotiating improvements.
Action will be based around UCU’s Build The Union campaign and our Continuing Professional Development resources. The aim is to recruit, involve members and raise awareness of job insecurity in post-school education.
At Goldsmiths we’ve decided to interpret this in a more creative way. Last year we built a giant iceberg to highlight the amount of casual work going on below the surface. This year we are building a display to show the difference in pay between the highest paid in the college and a GT. The difference is so large that a GT would have to teach over 100 seminars a week earn the same amount (yes even with the 2% pay rise!) The display will be interactive and provide an opportunity to engage with students and staff to build the campaign. 
After the stall we are holding a campaign meeting. This is an opportunity for casual staff to discuss the future direction of the campaign and plan further actions. All welcome!

The rep. for part-time and hourly-paid staff is Jamie Woodcock, If you’d like to be involved in local action for casualised staff, please get in touch.


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