The pay deal is a pay cut

Members will have been sent an electronic voting paper in relation to the pay offer. The offer is for a 2% rise next year (2014/5) which leaves us with nothing more than the 1%​ for this year (2013/4) that has already been imposed.

The positive news is that 2% is double the initial 1% offer, likely to be just above inflation, and the offer clearly leaves national bargaining intact.

The negative side is that the offer leaves us with only 1% for the year in which we are (still) in dispute, 2013/4, and 2% for next year, 2014-5. Accepting the offer would mean we have effectively failed in the 2013/4 dispute and will have signed up to a deal that totally fails to provide the catch-up we need. The extras, i.e. £30 added to the bottom spine, are hardly enough to sweeten the deal. This has long been UCEA’s agenda: to offer something more for next year while moving on from this year’s dispute. Be clear: accepting 2% for next year means that this year’s dispute is definitely ended.

In the light of this, your UCU Executive is recommending rejection. We understand that improving the 1% offer will not be easy but we are convinced of our cause: the employers are sitting on a significant surplus and and we must continue to apply pressure to win the deal we deserve.

In terms of the marking boycott, now suspended until 6 May, management have indicated to UCU at Goldsmiths that if ‘staff privately mark and park, there would be no “need” for pay deductions’ and, furthermore, ‘there would be no “legal” questions about the ownership of marked work.’

Members met on the 16th of April to consider this offer. We welcomed the offer and agreed that while we continue to fully support the marking boycott and will not process marks or administer the marking process, we are committed to the principle of reconciling marks as soon as possible on conclusion of the dispute.

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