Branch Meeting, 12/03/14

Our next branch meeting takes place on Wednesday 12/03/14 at 12noon in RHB2107.
This is a very important meeting as we will be voting on our motions for UCU congress. Members are invited to submit motions (at this late stage they will be ’emergency motions’).
Please do join us to discuss and vote on these motions, one of the branch’s key opportunities to influence national UCU policy.
The following motion has been submitted by Des Freedman, branch secretary:

The People’s Assembly

Congress notes:

•       David Cameron’s Guildhall speech in November 2013 in which he said that austerity should be ‘permanent’
•       That the majority of public sector cuts have yet to be put in place
•       The success of the People’s Assembly in uniting people in action against austerity from across the trade union, labour, progressive and anti-cuts movement.

Conference believes:

•       That an effective anti-austerity movement can facilitate the revival of workplace confidence and increase the possibility of coordinated action by trade unionists against austerity
•       That a weak recovery that does not raise working class living standards or stop the cuts is likely to increase anger at the government.

Conference agrees:

•       To confirm its support for the People’s Assembly Against Austerity
•       To support and actively encourage members to attend the national anti-cuts demonstration called by the People’s Assembly and the NUT on 21 June 2014.

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