Countdown to Assessment Boycott

Following a series of two-hour strikes and one-day strikes, the next stage of the pay dispute will take the form of a marking boycott in effect from the 28th of April.

Sally Hunt, General Secretary of UCU, has given the following statement:

The Higher Education Committee met on Friday 14 February to review the current dispute and agree next steps. It was noted that members had already taken substantial industrial action in the campaign for fair pay and that in the continued absence of any movement from the employers, further escalated action would be necessary.

Having examined assessment timetables, HEC therefore confirmed the implementation of a marking boycott with effect from Monday 28 April.

This is a serious but unavoidable step for which the union will need to fully prepare members.

HEC therefore agreed that between now and 28 April the union should prioritise working with branches to maximise the impact of a marking boycott, including in the minority of institutions where most assessment has already been done.

This will include branch meetings to discuss the marking sanction, joint union meetings, early discussions with local students’ unions and continued campaigning activity including a focus on VC/Principals’ pay and perks.

UCU reported that the employers have agreed to talks in March (see the UCU statement here, or this considerably more readable article in The Independent).

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