Stop cuts to Lewisham Schools Attendance Service- lobby this Wednesday 18th in Catford, 5-6pm

The Schools Attendance Service in Lewisham has a vital role providing specialist support to ensure all children have the chance of full attendance at school. Despite being highly regarded and achieving excellent attendance in the borough’s primary schools (where most of the service operates), the service now faces cuts of up to 50%, with the loss of 11 staff members. These cuts will have a huge impact on Lewisham’s most vulnerable children, reducing their chances of being able to access a full education. The leaflet below describes the importance of this service and the extent of the harm cuts would cause:


A meeting to discuss the package of cuts is taking place on Wednesday 18th December at the Civic Suite (opposite Laurence House) on Catford Road, Catford, SE6 4RU. Please support Unite the Union’s campaign against these cuts by joining the lobby, which takes place from 5pm to 6pm. The campaign is also asking supporters to write to their local councillors and to send messages of support to For more information on the campaign, please see:

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