General Meeting Agenda: June 11, 2013


Goldsmiths UCU General Meeting 11 June 2013

National pay claim 2013
VT assimilation negotiations
Updating of staff files
Congress Report and discussion on subs
New Executive
Delegates for People’s Assembly, 22 June
Academic Staff Recognition and Development, HEA and UCU presentations
Multiculturalism and Education in the Age of Austerity day at UCU: Report from Deirdre Osborne (if present)


1. Pay Claim

UCU have noted their disappointment at the pay offer of 1% and the substantial loss of pay, 13% over 5 years. HE Sector Conference delegates have voted to endorse rejection of the pay offer along with other HE unions and to prepare to ballot for action in the autumn.

2. VT Assimilation

After many years, we have finally able to report that we have reached a draft agreement on the assimilation of hourly paid staff onto the single pay spine. This will be subject to ratification by UCU nationally and will go out to ballot of all Goldsmiths UCU members in the summer.

4. Congress report and subscription rates discussion

Nationally (though not at Goldsmiths) UCU has accrued a £2 million deficit due to losing members. Instead of sanctioning a budget that may involve compulsory redundancies, Congress delegates voted for an integrated strategy of cost reductions, recruitment campaigns in low density institutions and raising subscriptions over two years by up to 5% above inflation as necessary.

7. i) Academic Staff Recognition and Development : HEA and UCU presentations

There will be a presentation/discussion session 2-4pm Friday June 14th NAB 314 on the topic of Academic Staff Recognition and Development.

Guest speakers will be Richard Brawn from the Higher Education Academy and Michael MacNeil, National Head of H.E. for the UCU.  The focus will be on the recognition of excellence in academic teaching and how we can best support H.E. teaching practice.

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