Next General Meeting: Assimilation of Hourly Paid Staff

There is a very important general meeting at 1pm next Tuesday, 11 June, in RHB150.

There are a number of local and national issues that we need to discuss.

1. After many many years, we have finally able to report that we have reached a draft agreement on the assimilation of hourly paid staff onto the single pay spine. This will be subject to ratification by UCU nationally and, crucially, will go out to ballot of all Goldsmiths UCU members in the summer. It has taken an enormous amount of work to get this far and we are aware that members – especially those who are hourly paid – will have many questions about the new scheme.

2. UCU Congress took place last week and there are two major issues to report. 

  • The first is that the HE Sector Conference delegates voted to endorse rejection of the pay offer of 1% (along with other HE unions) and to prepare to ballot for action in the autumn. Delegates were acutely aware of the substantial loss of pay – some 13% over 5 years – which has accumulated in recent years.
  • The second is in relation to a projected £2 million deficit at UCU nationally arising from the loss of members over the last  two years (not at Goldsmiths we would like to add!). Instead of sanctioning a budget that may involve compulsory redundancies, delegates voted for an integrated strategy of cost reductions, recruitment campaigns in low density institutions and raising subscriptions over two years by up to 5% above inflation as necessary. This was not taken lightly but is much more preferable than being complicit in a compulsory redundancy policy for UCU staff at a time when local branches are opposing precisely such a policy.
  • Branch motions to Congress on opposing redundancies amongst Initial Teacher Education staff and supporting the national People’s Assembly on 22 June were both passed overwhelmingly.

Please do join us at the meeting on Tuesday 11 June to discuss these extremely important issues.


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