Goldsmiths United Against Austerity

The TUC has called a mass rally against the governments austerity measures, under the banner A Future that Works, in London on the 20th of October.
When the coalition government was formed in 2010, they told us that spending cuts were needed to get the economy going – but instead they’ve driven the UK back into recession, caused huge levels of unemployment and massive increases of inequality and threatened essential public services.

Education is one of these services. Education should be a public right, a force that explores and spreads knowledge for everyone, not a private privilege that only benefits the few. Yet tuition fees have trebled, pensions for teachers and academics have been threatened and government plans could see universities become privatized institutions dependant on corporate funding. They claim that this will save money, but such an attack on public education will have terrible and far-reaching effects for our economy and society.

Despite the amazing turnout at last year’s March for the Alternative – which drew 500,000 people – we know that the coalition government has still to implement 80 percent of its cuts programme. That’s why students and staff at Goldsmiths must unite against austerity. On the 20th of October we must demand A Future That Works, not a failing and dangerous campaign of austerity measures.

Goldsmiths United Against Austerity is supported by Goldsmiths SU and UCU.

We will be organising rallies and events to build support for the TUC rally, a Future That Works, on the 20th of October 2012.

(see the motion passed at the last GM for more information)

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