Goldsmiths UCU Meeting June 26th 1pm RHB 137

Our next General Meeting will take place on June 26th at 1pm, RHB 137. At this meeting there will be a report on the resumption of the USS dispute, which was voted for at UCU’s national congress last week. There will also be a report from Tom Henri, who was our delegate at congress this year.

We are pleased to report that Goldsmiths UCU’s amendment to motion HE8, asking UCU to oppose the National Student Survey and to urge members not to comply with the NSS, was passed overwhelmingly. A full rundown of congress is available at

The meeting will include a speaker on the Quebec student protests, and the government’s draconian responses (there’s a good selection of articles on this at, as well as a motion to create ‘Goldsmiths United Against Austerity’ in preparation for the TUC rally in October.

Please see the agenda and text of the motion below.


1. USS dispute is back on
2. Report from Congress (Tom Henri)
3. Speaker from Quebec
4. Goldsmiths United against Austerity (motion)


Goldsmiths UCU notes:

1. That the Coalition government has still to implement 80 percent of its cuts programme.

2. That the TUC has called an anti-austerity demonstration on 20 October 2012 that is supported by UCU.
This branch believes:

1. That the Coalition government’s plans are an attack on the welfare state and that they will increase unemployment, squeeze education and inflict the most severe reduction in the living standards of working people since the 1930s. They encourage scapegoating of pensioners, women, black people, disabled people, students, young people, and migrant workers.

2. That the TUC demonstration must become a rallying point for mass resistance to the austerity programme.

3. That a campaign of mass mobilization for the TUC demonstration through the unions, anti-cuts organisations, welfare groups, student unions, political organisations, equality campaigners etc must begin now.

This branch resolves:

1. To circulate material to build for the TUC demonstration.

2. To support the creation of ‘Goldsmiths United against Austerity’ in conjunction with other campus unions to build for the demonstration.

Proposed Des Freedman

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