Restructure of student services

This branch notes that management have failed to engage in meaningful collective consultation regarding the proposed restructure of student services.

The restructure potentially puts over 20 members of staff at risk of redundancy.

UCU members have submitted a counter proposal which addresses all the operational concerns without the need for job losses.

Management have effectively dismissed the counter proposals and are going ahead with individual consultations before the conclusion of the collective consultation process.

That management is acting in both bad faith and bad practice.

This branch expresses its extremely strong concern about risk to student lives.

The branch resolves:

To inform management that they must engage in meaningful collective consultation within the spirit of the managing organisational change policy and the trade union recognition agreement.

To instruct the branch executive committee to work with our colleagues in UNISON to seek full and proper collective consultation.

That if full and proper collective consultation is not forthcoming, the branch authorises the exec to declare a collective dispute.

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