Your Representatives

Please see below for a list of our departmental reps, with contact information for you to reach them. If you are in professional services please contact Chloe Nast If you aren’t sure who you should be contacting or there isn’t a rep in your department contact GUCU organiser Hannah Dee or Membership Secretary Chloe

Department Reps Email
Anthropology Henrike Donner 
Art Susan Kelly
Careers Service    
Computing Nicky Donald
  Rodger Kibble


Michael Zbyszynski 

Confucius Institute Vacancy  
Design Bill Gaver
  Juliet Sprake 
Development and Alumni Relations    
Educational Studies Anna Grant 
English and Comparative Literature Jackie Rattray 
  Tamar Steinitz 
English Language Centre Margaret Remana 
Estates & Faciities    
Executive and Governance Services    
History  Tara Povey 
  Daniel Fraser 
Human Resources    
Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship    
IT Services Frances Renton 
Institute of Management Studies Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay
Library (Incl Academic Skills Centre) Angus Sinclair 
Communications (Marketing & Recruitment)    
Media and Communications Marina Vishmidt


Becky Gardiner 

Music John Harries 
  Joe Newman 
Politics Sanjay Seth 
  Francisco Carballo 

Caspar Addyman

Maria Herrojo Ruiz (H&S) 

Research and Enterprise    
Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies Tom Henri 
  Roger Green 
Sociology Kiran Grewal 
  Svenja Bromberg


Kirsten Campbell 

Student Services    
Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre    
Theatre & Performance Pamala Karantonis 
Visual Cultures Nicole Wolf 
  Janna Graham 
  Nishat Awan
  Louis Moreno