GUCU Action – Resources for GUCU members

Guides and templates for GUCU members:

  • ASOS – A guide for members: (please note this document has been arrived at through collective discussion among members, and is also regularly revised to respond to questions as they arise)
  • Template letter staff members can use to respond to student queries regarding the assessment boycott. 

Resources to engage with students:

Staff-Student Assembly co-hosted between GUCU and SU, Thursday 28 January, 12-2pm:

Actions to work with students and support their struggles:

  • Circulate the GUCU letter about the industrial action to your students.
  • Show the GUCU FAQs to your students and arrange a Q and A with them.
  • Organise a department level meeting with students and staff.
  • Set up a department staff student assembly and network, to build communication, support and shared campaigning. 

Resources to support student struggles:

Actions to support colleagues:

  • Donate to the Goldsmiths Mutual Aid fund – to support precarious workers whose employment has been cut and may be affected by loss of pay during industrial action.
  • Sign the petition against the punitive withdrawal of furlough from parents and carers involved in ASOS 

Background information:

GUCU briefing note on Goldsmiths finances:

GUCU response to No Confidence vote:

Goldsmiths Justice for Workers outline of the outcome of job cuts over the summer:

GUCU statement on parents and carers:

GUCU letter of concern to Goldsmiths Council:

GUCU statement on alternatives to job cuts:

GUCU initial response to KPMG report:

GUCU urgent letter of concern to the warden about lack of support for staff and students: