GUCU Branch Meeting, Weds 21 Oct, 3pm

Weds 21 Oct, 3pm – 4.15pm

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Dear UCU member 

The start of our local dispute balloting period approaches. Colleagues find themselves beset on all sides by issues related to health and safety, non-resilient technical systems for online teaching and other workload stresses, as well as job fears and job losses prompted by the College’s restructuring plans. Meanwhile staff and students face the risk of infection in poorly managed and overcrowded on-campus housing, with Covid in halls placing an additional and unacceptable burden on our cleaning, security and Library colleagues. 

All of this is avoidable and has been compounded by the pursuit of a top down restructure in the middle of this pandemic. There are plenty of other choices open to us. Earlier this week, GUCU shared with you some of headlines of the Independent Business Review of the college completed by auditors KPMG, which say very clearly that the College has no financial problems that pausing the Enterprise Hub, selling off some real estate and counting the VSS savings in its figures wouldn’t fix.

The results of GUCU’s recent e-survey of members shows that a majority of you favour taking industrial action. You also told us you wanted to be involved in shaping the forms of industrial action we take together – maximising impact on college management while supporting and working with our students and the wider college community on other forms of opposition to this assault on our institution, our values, and our students.

Come to the Branch meeting this Wednesday the 21st at 3pm to discuss the upcoming  ballot, which places issues around job losses, workload and equalities at its heart. Come and discuss what shape our action might take, and other initiatives we can build alongside students. 

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Weds 21 Oct, 3pm – 4.15pm

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