KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! GUCU Health and Safety Workshop

Thursday 3rd September  10.00-12.00 

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Get equipped with understanding key health and safety issues at work, your rights and how to protect them. 

  • Learn more about how the Risk Assessment process and how to check and understand safety measures in place 
  • Find out how to protect yourself with the individual ‘Covid age’ self-assessment 
  • Learn more about GUCU’s I Object workload campaign.
  • Join GUCU H&S officers and exec online to raise concerns and ask questions


  • brief intros and contexts (15mins)
  • Key pieces of legislation and UCU national policies (10mins)
  • Global health standards (5mins)
  • Key documents from both College and GUCU – decoding them (20mins)
  • (5min toilet / screen break)
  • Hearing from members ‘surgery’ (45mins)
  • Wrap-up (10mins)

Thursday 3 Sept, 10am-12noon.
Please register in advance for zoom link and to help us understand attendance levels: