GUCU Motion – Elected Dispute Committees

Passed GUCU exec 7.11.2019

This branch notes:

  1. The need for greater grassroots involvement in decision making in the planning, execution and resolution of disputes involving multiple institutions,
  2. The final report of the DC calls for the establishment of a Disputes Committee for the duration of a national and multi-institution dispute, to ensure a branch-led democratic control,

This Branch resolves:

  1. To support Recommendation 13 of the final report of the DC proposing a rule change so that multi-institution disputes will be run by an elected Disputes Committee,
  2. The disputes committee will be made up of one elected delegate from each participating branch,
  3. Decision-making on cross-branch matters (e.g. pausing for talks; ending action; recommendations) belong to these committees and will be binding on the NEC and the GS.